A food delivery marketplace for convenience stores
A customer app for selecting a store, searching the catalog for goods and ordering a delivery
A store app for processing orders
Client app
Plan purchases
You can create a shopping list from scratch or use MESO recommendations. That aside, there is a catalog search for goods, projected cost of the shopping cart and an option to share the shopping list.
Look into the fridge
If the fridge has a MESO camera installed, a customer can take a look at its contents any time and receive a list of products that the system was able to identify.
Order groceries
No need to go to shopping for groceries. Now customers can place an order with local convenience stores that never had an online presence before.
Save the receipts
Scanning the receipts is not just a way of tracking your purchases. This is an additional user data source that MESO can use to give recommendations.
The design of the apps doesn't use either Android or iOS native components. It's universal and looks good on both platforms. Flutter is the best framework choice when it comes to customized mobile app design.
MESO 1.0
The first task of the app was to collect data on the user's purchases. The data was collected through receipts, analyzing shopping lists and identifying the products in the fridge. The photo of the products in the fridge was sent either through the app or through the special MESO camera installed inside the fridge that automatically sent the photos to the server for identification.
MESO 2.0
The project changed direction. MESO began developping as a marketplace instead of as a shopping list and recommendation system. The previous functions fell into the background. The main task of the app now is to give the user an opportunity to order home delivery.
The stores got their own app that allowed shop assistants/cashiers/delivery managers to take and process orders from customers.

We had 3 weeks for developing a new app and upgrading the old one. We've probably never worked as hard as we did then.
Integrating the map into the app turned out to be the most fascinating task. The map wasn't supposed to simply display a skeletal view of the city with addresses. It had to be animated, smooth, helpful and easy-to-use. This was our first project on Flutter, where we used Yandex.Maps. We can now say that Flutter and Yandex.Maps work very well together. Although it took us some time, we were able to stabilize the map on both Android and iOS.
Denis Mamnitskiy, Flutter-developer, Progressive Mobile

Working on MESO meant we had to start immediately and do our absolute best. The guys from Progressive Mobile swiftly tuned into our processes, where other teams (hardware, backend, data science) had been working already. They did a great job indeed. Progressive Mobile's team are easy-going, yet extremely committed to the task. Although the project changed direction several times over its course, the mobile app development team was and remains unchanged.
Eduard Bolmosov, CEO, MESO
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