An app for easy expense tracking with detailed analytics
Expense tracking
The task was to make the process of adding expenses to the history as easy as possible. Scanning the barcode on the receipt adds the numbers into the app. Based on the barcode data, a request for detailed information is sent to either Fiscal Data Operator or Federal Tax Service. Then, based on this information, purchase history is formed.
If the receipt is damaged in some way that prevents scanning, the user can register it manually.
If there's no receipt whatsoever, the user can manually enter their expenses into purchase history.
Over the course of development, we ran into a problem. It turned out that the scanner built on the standard iOS barcode scanner library does not recognize the receipts from certain stores. It was not the matter of printing quality or the state of the receipt, it was the bar code format. We had to sift through several libraries before we could stabilize the scanner. Eventually we stopped at Firebase ML Vision. Now this is our go-to library for similar tasks.
Michael Efimenko, CTO, Progressive Mobile
Shopping lists
A simple check-list doesn't make a handy shopping list. The ChekGuru shopping list was constantly tested on real users: we collected feedback and made demand-driven improvements.
A ChekGuru shopping list includes
● prompts based on previous purchases
● shared access to shopping lists
● sharing the shopping list to other apps
By category

● Tracking all entered expenses, not just receipts
● A quick filter for switching between lists
● Expenses pie-chart with categories
● Name-based search answers the questions of When, Where, How many and Cost of the purchase?
By subcategory

● Items in the receipt are automatically categorized
● Detailed analytics for each subcategory
● Expenses pie-chart with categories
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